Preloved Designer Luxury - a worthy investment

The concept of re-selling is not new. However,  giving ongoing life to luxury pieces and passing on to others not only is good for the environment but great on the pocket book. Coveted, latest sold out pieces are stunning and celebrities often have a hand in creating the latest market trends by wearing them. High end luxury comes with  a high price tag but are timeless in design. The quality is unmatched from designer houses versus fast fashion brands. 

Designer bags, shoes and accessories are an investment and stand the test of time. Luxury bags, like Hermès and Chanel have steadily appreciated in value. Owners of luxury bags have sold bags for  more than double its original purchase price!  Investing in one higher priced preloved designer piece is actually more cost effective than purchasing several cheaper pieces. 

The main stream acceptance around shopping preloved has changed drastically over the last decade. It’s more acceptable to boast your collection of preloved designer bags and shoes now than a few years ago. In fact, vintage designer wear is one of the most hyped trends this year. It’s one of the best ways to keep fashion alive while saving your pocketbook.