I've always loved vintage/preowned designer handbags. You know, the one of a kind, rare, no longer made, collectible...and so on, handbag. They carry a bit of mystery to them, a story of sorts..... Preowned, preloved designer handbags are a great option - fashion conscious people looking for a great deal, a rare piece, an old vintage classic - so many great options!
Things to look for when purchasing: Trusted Source
Where to start? So many options when looking for that perfect preloved designer handbag; Instagram, Facebook, online stores, E bay, local consignment shops and individuals. It can be overwhelming. Once you find that perfect handbag.... your next question should be, it is real?
Return policies when purchasing from an online store will have a great return policy (check ours out!) and guarantee authenticity. If you are buying from an individual, they should have a copy of their receipt. Make sure there is a solid return policy in place. A source that does not offer returns, store credits or a money back guarantee is something to be concerned about.
What to look for in a preloved handbag:
1. Scratches to hardware,
2. Wear on corners,
3. Wear to handles, straps,
4. Interior condition.
All these points should be shown in pictures and disclosed to the buyer. If you are cringing at the possibility that there could be signs of wear, scuffs, scratches, sticky zippers, not so perfect interior.... the preloved or vintage handbag is most likely not the way to go. Hey - that's ok - a vintage, preloved designer bag is not for everyone!
Are You Serious...that price for a preloved handbag?
The answer is Yes! Some preloved handbags can be expensive. The more sought after, rare and coveted a handbag is....the less it depreciates - often keeping resell prices close in line to retail or in some cases the value will go up from the original purchase price! Exclusive and hard to find Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Céline, Chloe, Givenchy and Chanel are often sought-after collector pieces. Oh, and don't forget about the classic Gucci, Dior and the rare coloured Balenciaga handbags.
Is it do I know?
The internet is full of information to look up date codes and to check authenticity of a designer handbag. Some, not all, handbags come with date codes, heat stamps or serial numbers. Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, and Balenciaga are handbags that you can search to find out the age of your potential purchase. Look them up!
**Collections Couture is not affiliated with any of the aforementioned brands. All our items are guaranteed authentic.